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"When I first came to Total Health, the doctors and staff made me feel like family. After my car accident, I had terrible neck pain and back pain. The doctors helped me recover and I am now 100% again! They also prescribed custom Orthotics for my foot pain. The best thing is I can come in for treatment at any time without an appointment. Thank you, doctors and staff."


"Dr. Stepanek has kept our family on the courts and fields for many years. He is the best at treating sports injuries like elbow tendonitis, plantar Fascitis, hamstring strains, and shoulder and ankle problems too. We have recommended Total Health to many people and will continue to do so. The walk-in policy is also a big plus for a busy family. Thanks for keeping us running!"

The Zugelter Family

"For a long time I was unable to sit or even lie down without back pain. I remember imagining running away from my body. Total Health is over an hour away from my home, but I had heard great things about them healing the toughest cases, so I decided to make the trip to Vero Beach for help. After my treatments my daily comfort level improved almost immediately and my activity level is back to normal again. I'm virtually pain free. I recommend you put your trust in these guys."


"I love the staff and doctors at Total Health! I run a very busy beauty salon and I am constantly feeling the aches and pains that go with being on my feet all day. This is a doctor's office where I can simply just show up at any time and be immediately seen by a doctor. For any physical problem that pops up, I'll always go back to Dr. Stepanek. These guys are the best!"


"I love the no appointment policy at Total Health that allows me to drop in when I need to. Even on busy days their office is efficiently run and there is never a long wait to see the doctors. I will be forever grateful to my friend for referring me in to see Dr. Stepanek. Total Health of Vero Beach is the only Chiropractic office I will trust for care of my family and friends."


"I wanted to write you a quick note of appreciation. I'd experienced some vertebral misalignment while visiting my mom in Vero Beach a few weeks ago and your office was kind to schedule an appointment for me - with less than 2 hours notice. You accurately assessed the problem, provided me with my MyoVision exam report and adjusted me in such a way that I have been feeling that I'm in healthy alignment ever since - this is just great. I couldn't be happier with my entire experience with you and your staff. Since I returned home, I've been talking about Total Health of Vero Beach all over Metro New York. Please keep the newsletters coming. It's nice to hear about your practice and what's happening down on the Treasure Coast."

Kirsten L.

"I was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs in 2001. After the third treatment the pain was easing off in my low back and I was able to walk again. I completed the 12 treatments and I feel like a new person!"


"I have been suffering with sciatic pain for almost a year. I tried physical therapy for 4 months with little success. I tried cortisone injections which helped for 3 weeks. Then I tried cold laser therapy and miraculously, 1 week after my final treatment, the pain began to subside."

Joe C.

"For quite a few years I have been forced to use a cane whenever I had to walk any distance. I saw your ad for 'Cold Laser' treatment on T.V. My husband agreed with me that it was worth a try. Guess what? Took the treatments and finished about a month ago. My knees feel great. No more cane! Many thanks to Total Health!"

Eleanor C.

"I am 71 years old and Cold Laser was used on my upper back. After 12 treatments, the pain was gone! I have since been for regular chiropractic treatments and feel great. I swim 3 to 5 times a week and do needle work also. Thank you Total Health."

Emma C.

"My Dad, who has 92 years behind him, was in severe pain. It started with his right knee, swelling like a grapefruit with sharp pain when walked. Then pain appeared in his neck also, pain so sharp that he had to be helped when bathing or dressing. Dad began a series of cold laser treatments on his neck and knee and blessed relief was noticeable with 24 hours. The swelling in the knee diminished and the neck pain disappeared. My Dad, my wife, and I are thankful for the care and kindness shown to us by the staff at Total Health."

The Pratt Family

"After treating my carpal tunnel syndrome for 12 years with cortisone injections, I read Dr. Stepanek's article in the newspaper about something new - Cold Laser. I began the 12 treatments. After the first treatment there was a slight improvement immediately. After more treatments, the results were better every day."

James H.

"I was suffering from an acute case of "frozen shoulder" on my right side. My movement was very restricted and painful. After a consultation with Dr. Chris Stepanek, he recommended a combination of cold laser therapy and active release technique. I am happy to say that since receiving 12 treatments of cold laser therapy and active release technique, I am pain free with approximately 90% movement. My sincere thanks to everyone at Total Health of Vero Beach."

Patricia V.

"After suffering from back pain and sciatic pain down my leg caused by a herniated disc, I was unable to function normally or work. I finally found relief by under-going spinal decompresssion therapy at Total Health. I am happy to say that I have no more pain in my leg and nearly all my back pain is now gone. I'm back to leading a productive life again thanks to Total Health of Vero Beach."