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Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided answers to a number of commonly asked chiropractic questions. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please call us at (772) 778-2225. We look forward to resolving all of your chiropractic care concerns.

Q: What should I expect on my first visit?

A: After arriving at our office, you will be met by smiling faces and a kind word. You will feel welcome and made as comfortable as possible, and if you haven't already filled out one of our down-loadable entry forms, you will be guided through them one by one, by our friendly staff. You may expect to spend no more than one hour during this first office visit. After your initial consultation, examination and x-rays, you and the doctor will review your test results and treatment usually can begin immediately if indicated in your case.

Q: Does getting an adjustment hurt?

A: Not in the vast majority of cases. Only on very rare occasions will a patient experience some minor discomfort, but it is followed by welcome pain relief. We perform spinal adjustments on children as young as two months old and folks as old as 97 years. Our techniques are very gentle and safe.

Q: Will I be sore after a treatment?

A: On rare occasions, muscle soreness might occur, but it is gone quickly. During treatment our team will do everything possible to ensure a pain-free, positive experience.

Q: When will I begin to feel better?

A: Immediately, in most cases. But response time varies according to the severity of the problem, as with any medical condition/procedure. Some severe acute injuries and some chronic or long standing conditions may take weeks to completely resolve to a pain-free state, but following through with your chiropractor's recommendation will minimize your recovery time.

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: Yes. We accept nearly all insurances including Auto Insurance, Blue Cross and a wide variety of major medical plans. We file your insurance for you and it's all very easy. Phone our office and one of our friendly staff will call your insurer and provide you with a complimentary benefits check. We will let you know up front exactly what your coverage is and what out of pocket expenses you might incur before any treatment takes place. There will be no surprises or large treatment bills.

Q: Do you adjust kids?

A: Yes. Many childhood problems respond amazingly well to gentle chiropractic adjustments. Some conditions include ear infections, hyperactivity, infantile colic, allergies, sinus trouble, asthma and many more.

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